When you buy an item through our website, we receive the order with the features you have chosen. If you want to know more about the process, we are happy to explain the details below.


Each model has its own options of leather colour; as you can see, not all of them have the same options since not all the models can be made with all the leathers. In the description of each product, you will find detailed information about the composition. It is essential to understand that the leathers are extraordinarily natural, with their tone and drawing variations, which means that no two pieces are alike.

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Depending on the model, you will also be able to choose the colour of the thread and of the metal parts, both elements chosen to be as robust and long-lasting as possible. Hence, the threads are of a caliber 20 and the fittings are made of iron or brass. The configurator provides images of how the item matches with the leather colour you have chosen, so that you have a better idea of the final appearance of the piece.

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The items which offer the possibility of engraving letters include and image in the gallery where you can check its location on the piece. The engraving is carried out through the process of blind embossing, that is, with heat and pressure. The typography is fixed because they are authentic bronze fonts, and we only have capital letters, dots and hyphens. The reason why some products do not include this option is because the leather used doesn’t admit engraving.

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In some products you can add certain elements such as an additional replacement to the notebook which the item already includes; but also a shoulder strap or a handle which we will make with the same leather and thread you have already chosen.


Once the order has been processed, the purchase does not leave immediately, since we need a time to manufacture it, but we guarantee reception within 15 days. We package our items very carefully, wrapped one by one, so that they are not damaged during transit, with a calling card, return instructions and a strong cardboard box also wrapped in brown paper in case you want to use it for a present.