Why we don't send our products all over the world

A commitment to taking care of the planet and local production everywhere.

One of the main purposes of our workshop is to shorten as much as possible the production and consumption cycle. We believe that buying locally guarantees a fairer economy with people and the environment.

However,  the world sometimes seems to go in the opposite direction. Worlwide communication has brought the marvelous possibility of connecting remote cultures and people. But has also led to a process in which small businesses face increasing difficulties and the cities look very similar to each other.

We would like to be consistent. We have been thinking about the point of sending our products overseas at the same cost of the product itself, let alone the ecological footprint, and we don't want to assume these burdens. We would also like to appreciate the work of peer producers in far away countries. We dream of unique cities and villages, with their own personality  portrayed in their shops.

We thus hope that actions like these contribute to add more value to what surrounds us, in a large and diverse world where you may find such interesting places as our workshop.

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